jan 31

Save This

Two sites I've been playing with lately: DailyLit emails you snippets of a novel every day; Instapaper stores articles that you want to read later. (There's something interesting here about how these two sites represent reverse trends of each other. Or not?)


Interesting thought. I'd say there are a lot of way in which they're similar though. For example, both are meant for people with little time/short attention spans. And for an increasingly mobile world.

It is strange that one gives you short chunks while the other's there for you to save big chunks.

posted by david at 12:31 PM on January 31, 2008

Good grief!: just what I need, more nebulous "I should read this but i'll just let it sit in my inbox and read it later" e-mail. Instapaper i'm trying out, though. I never got into del.icio.us, and this seems like it might be more my speed.

posted by alesh at 11:05 PM on January 31, 2008

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