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God Is Dead

Yes, debating the existence of god sounds as enticing as eating ramen while cramming for a Latin exam and arguing with your stupid dorm mate about abortion. But a couple nights ago, Christopher Hitchens and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach drew a crowd to the 92nd St Y, as recounted by several other bloggers at Jewcy (including me -- finally, a sign from god that this Midwestern WASP had made it! Praise Jesus!). This clip has a few of the great lines from Hitchens, who pretty much destroyed the other dude. Thankfully, theatrical spectacle overpowered any possible chance for metaphysical deliberation.

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aw, jealous! i would have liked to have gone to this. i think this is just the latest of these for hitchens, he's going around doing this with various religious figures, and apparently wiping the floor with all (he says) of them. maybe they were distracted by his shockingy shiny new american teeth? (for an englishman.)

hmmm, must stop reading vanity fair. i am now realizing that i know too much about hitchens.

posted by kittyholmes at 1:45 PM on February 1, 2008

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