feb 4

Montag, Redux

Remember that Heidi Montag worst song evah that I linked to last week? There's now a VIDEO with her rolling around the beach in a bikini -- and whaddya know, it's now suddenly the BEST SONG EVER! [via]


my God. I think I just killed a few thousand brain cells just by watching this.

posted by marrina at 5:48 PM on February 4, 2008

Did you see that the WSJ Informed Reader blog shut down? That was the only blog that was on your top 30 blogs that I was already reading!!

posted by Johnny at 7:38 PM on February 4, 2008

Genius! By the time the long musical intro is done, I'm too hypnotized, enthralled and agape to even notice that she might not have made it past the second round of American Idol.

posted by Nav at 10:25 PM on February 4, 2008

Crikey! It's like the Paris Hilton video but *worse*. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inJojpOXWZQ

Same bikini-on-sand action, same awkward dancing in a white dress...but somehow even more embarassing.

posted by lauren at 10:29 PM on February 4, 2008

Oh also, I think this needs to be added to the list of stuff that heralds the arrival of the post-ironic. It's like Baudrillard's idea of 'surface', except applied to irony - in the same way that the proliferation of simulations means you can no longer detect the real, stuff like Trapped and this mean you can no longer figure out what is and is not ironic.

posted by Nav at 10:37 PM on February 4, 2008

my cover, if it illustrates nothing else, shows that you can turn anything, no matter how insane, into a bit of inoffensive power pop.

posted by songsbuildingfood at 7:22 AM on February 5, 2008

wow that is still sooo bad
i think it's worse

thx for the link tho, that yahoo player is pretty weird (resizeable)

posted by d at 12:51 PM on February 5, 2008

Wow this is awkward I guess I should return the CD i got you for Valentine's day.

posted by Jackie J at 9:54 AM on February 7, 2008

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