feb 13


Is it just me or does no one ever talk about Peter Greenaway any more? I just noticed that The Draughtsman's Contract and A Zed & Two Noughts were released on DVD yesterday.


OK, but when are we going to get The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, Her Lover? Shouldn't that be the starting point? Especially with all the post-QueenHelen Mirren love.

posted by Jared at 11:49 AM on February 13, 2008

http://www.nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-l-9812/msg00040.html - what do you mean, "any more?"

posted by glory at 12:27 PM on February 13, 2008

I talk about Peter Greenaway all the time. Mainly to strangers on trains, at bus stops and in libraries. What I mainly talk about is why his early work is so compelling and his recent work (last 15 yrs!) has sucked. His Tulse Luper experiment has failed I think. It's impossible to get your hands on the 2nd and 3rd films, and they got little publicity  It was supposed to be a cross media epic. I say go back to the cheap cameras and situationist/oulipian ideas Peter; leave the paintbox at home. Please. I love the Falls, Zoo, Drowning, Belly etc., BTW his rants about cinema as a failed media are getting tedious even for me.

posted by davidarthurs2@yahoo.com at 10:33 AM on February 14, 2008

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