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Top 20 Videos of All Time

My pal Pete's list of the Top 20 Videos of All Time has some fantastic hidden and forgotten finds. (The Minutemen did a video?)

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The Minutemen actually did a few videos (there's one for King of the Hill, too). And then there's the legendary Corndogs: a compilation of their videos, live clips, interviews and other little bits that was supposed to come out on SST back in 1985, but never saw the light of day as the master tapes were lost or stolen (though rough cuts have been knocking around online for a while - peeps on the Mike Watt List on worked hard to digitise a lot of that, and I believe some of it ended up as footage in the documentary We Jam Econo).

posted by MacDara Conroy at 3:02 PM on March 24, 2008

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