mar 25

Rick, Rolling

NYT yesterday: "[Rick Astley] has not spoken publicly about the meme and efforts to reach him through his agent were unsuccessful." Maybe no one has tried hard enough, because LAT tracked him down for his comments on the most important meme of our time. (Also, Rick Astley looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like Rick Astley.)


Link of the day, thanks. I'm impressed with his attitude about it--a combination of boggling at the whole phenomenon and an honest appraisal of the song's minor place in music history.

posted by Jake at 7:40 PM on March 25, 2008

Dude! Just two days ago I was combing the Google for "Rick Astley on Rickrolling" and "Rick Astley rickrolling opinion" and all sorts of stuff. I had to know. But I was denied. Lo, the Fimoculous giveth.

posted by Eric at 10:59 PM on March 25, 2008

I think its just one of those odd things where something gets picked up and people run with it, Astley said. But thats what brilliant about the Internet.

Here's video of the interview.

posted by Kurtis at 7:55 AM on March 26, 2008

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