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Hillary and Bill's Tax Returns

Hillary & Bill's 2000-2007 tax returns. Holy crap they make a lot of money.


While it's a lot either way, this has to be the eight years totaled, right? Not just 2007?

posted by Rich at 7:17 PM on April 4, 2008

The initial page is all eight years together...You can drill into individual years at the bottom of the page. $20,000,000 in income for 2007!

posted by Tim Poundstone at 8:08 PM on April 4, 2008

Rewrote headline.

posted by Rex at 8:53 PM on April 4, 2008

It's seven years total, not eight. 2000 - 2007.

posted by Johnny at 10:20 AM on April 5, 2008

That actually is eight.

posted by Rex at 11:31 AM on April 5, 2008

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