apr 11

The Paper

A quick calculation: 42% of Fimoc readers worked at their college newspaper. Roughly. Therefore, we will be celebrating The Paper, MTV's new reality series about a high school rag, as though it were the fucking Pentagon Papers. It starts Monday.


Uh, yup. Proofreader.

posted by Kim at 7:27 PM on April 11, 2008

oh Amanda, you had me at "my name starts with an A"

posted by rico at 7:39 PM on April 11, 2008

disagree.... yearbook editor

posted by Stefan Hayden at 7:51 PM on April 11, 2008


Seriously, did you see the PBS "Independent Lense" special where they follow Penn St's newspaper team for a year? Imagine that, it was called "The Paper"


posted by Ted Rheingold at 7:54 PM on April 11, 2008

Watch the first (horrible) episode on iTunes.

posted by Jeremy Franklin at 11:11 PM on April 11, 2008

They're in HS, not college.

posted by Barrie at 10:01 AM on April 12, 2008

Looks kinda lame...

posted by Doug at 4:46 PM on April 12, 2008

I don't know if what I did at the Stupid could be called "working."

posted by Kurtis at 10:57 PM on April 12, 2008

Guilty, guilty, guilty. High school and college. I haven't watched a series on MTV since the first season of "The Real World." (I guess I'm dating myself. Has it really been 20 years?) So maybe I'll check this out, if only to lament my lost youth. Sigh.

posted by Esther at 12:13 AM on April 13, 2008

Dear MTV,

Please go back to where you once were, a station that played music videos and some of those videos so damn cool.

Thank You.

Your Lost Friend,


posted by Paul at 10:45 PM on April 14, 2008

Just got done watching it. Didn't think it was terrible for an MTV show and I'll keep watching the rest of the episodes. That said, I'm very interested in finding a copy of the PBS special mentioned by the commenter above. Any links?

posted by Kiyoshi Martinez at 11:06 PM on April 14, 2008

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