apr 21

News Tees

OMFG. See this? cnn tshirt It's a new icon on CNN.com. It appears next to headlines in the "Latest News" module. It is an invitation to buy a t-shirt with that headline on it. This is the end of everything.

Update#1: Andy noticed you can hack the url to make your own. Update #2: Store and FAQ. Update #3: I wrote about t-shirts as media in Wired a year ago, so maybe I'm to blame. Update #4: Gawker is doing an offensive headline writing contest.


Remember that Press Corps vid in which Bush, feigning searching around the White House, joked that "those WMDs must be around here somewhere"? This is CNN's version: it has the same degree of contempt and obvliviousness and the only possible response is to laugh, shake your head in disbelief and, in a vain attempt to maintain some optimism, try and forget what you just saw.

posted by Nav at 1:05 PM on April 21, 2008

[insert Richard Quest joke here]

posted by Adam at 1:12 PM on April 21, 2008

just spoke with someone in the know. yes, you can manipulate the site to show any headline you want, but you can't actually get that headline on the t-shirt.

posted by Larry at 1:15 PM on April 21, 2008

Get 'em while you can.

posted by Kurtis at 2:01 PM on April 21, 2008

i can't wait to see what busted tees does with this!!!

posted by spencer at 2:04 PM on April 21, 2008


posted by Jeremy at 4:22 PM on April 21, 2008

Seriously, I am trying to find all posts about this CNN stupidity...and share a quick opinion about the issue. This truly is the a step in the wrong direction. The country/world already can't handle or process real information...now we are just feeding this mentality that information doesn't require any more thought than reading a Nike logo on a tee. Someone at CNN...please wake up!!!

posted by Mandi.monster at 10:53 PM on April 22, 2008

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