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Rex Sorgatz

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apr 29

Rock Star Party

The media roundup from my party at The Chambers in Minneapolis last weekend: photos from Chuck, video from Paul, and photos from me. Great to see all of you!


I guess that's one way to avoid your photos: take your camera and start shooting. You threw a good one. Thanks again.

I still can't get enough of this:

posted by Aaron at 3:09 PM on April 29, 2008

Was that you behind the camera? Did you notice that the autofocus was broken? (It's fixed now!)

posted by Rex at 8:38 AM on April 30, 2008

next time we party in NY!

posted by marrina at 12:03 AM on May 1, 2008

thanks for the party even though I just met you that night, twas still fun

posted by Dik at 2:52 AM on May 1, 2008

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