apr 29

Hype Machine For Sale

Nicholas says Hype Machine has a $10 million offer from Viacom. Anthony's site is my favorite music project on the internet, but I think the offer is bullshit -- or, perhaps more accurately, more complex than that. Either way, the post is still good because of the conversation about VCs and startups.

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i think hype machine hasn't been sued out of existence b/c they provide a sort of gray market for the music industry to track leaks & gauge popularity. if any one media property picked it up, though, the truce is off and the lawsuits come out. i mean, hm caches those tracks on its servers so you can fake-stream 'em, right? especially if viacom goes for it, because the labels are all still kicking themselves for giving mtv their content for free. why let them pull off a similar move on the web?

anthony's a super-great guy, though, so i do want the universe to give him a pile of free money. but i still have my doubts about this story.

posted by i have my doubts at 4:36 PM on May 1, 2008

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