may 2

Don't You Want Me, Baby?

Fuck it, it's Friday... your favorite early-80s synth pop remembrance for the next five minutes: "Don't You Want Me," Human League. (This song was playing during my last hair cut. I couldn't stop moving in the chair. I completely forgot the awesomeness of the class battle in the opening verse. And then that second verse!)


Was it this haircut?

posted by taulpaul at 1:19 AM on May 2, 2008

That video would have been much cooler if the car was a Dodge Aries. I'm sure Marsh used to have one up in White Bear.

posted by taulpaul at 1:20 AM on May 2, 2008

Just so you know Rex, I'm gettin' started early on the Friday blog take-over. It's been dead quiet over here for too long...s4xton's last pizza post got more action than you've seen in months. just sayin.

posted by taulpaul at 1:25 AM on May 2, 2008

*wonder's if Alexis lives at the Smitten Kitten* What's your opinion Max?

posted by taulpaul at 1:28 AM on May 2, 2008

Did Baron ever end up selling his twitter account? He started following me (on twitter they other day, and I was scared to follow back, as it might have been a total stranger that I have never met online, unlike Andrew, who I have never meet period.

posted by taulpaul at 1:31 AM on May 2, 2008

Michael Arrington on the cover of Time. Crap or Total Bullshit?

posted by taulpaul at 1:34 AM on May 2, 2008

1) Yes, that haircut.

2) I don't really blog -- I link! A lot.

3) Andrew backed out of selling his account.

posted by Rex at 1:34 AM on May 2, 2008

Hey, Paul! Is this where the party is at?

There's some sex blogger at the Smitten Kitten this weekend. I might check her out. She's friends with a friend, and, I think, Chuck.

posted by Max "Bunny" Sparber at 1:52 AM on May 2, 2008

Every blogger in Minneapolis has emailed me to say that Rachel Kramer Bussel is going to be in Minneapolis. It's cute how you all get excited about the kids I see stumbling around Lower East Side every night. :)

posted by Rex at 1:54 AM on May 2, 2008

Yes. We're cute. We don't have a Julia Allison to get all a-twitter about, so we'll just have to make do with New York's leavings.

posted by Max "Bunny" Sparber at 2:07 AM on May 2, 2008

When you're done with that Human League video, try some Simple Minds.

posted by Rex at 2:25 AM on May 2, 2008

How serendipitous, because it's Jo Callis' birthday today (I don't know if she's the blonde or brunette singer, though)...

posted by Rico Suave at 7:18 AM on May 2, 2008

This place was better when just Rex was here.

posted by Kurtis at 7:40 AM on May 2, 2008

Trenchcoats trenchcoats everywhere! Hmm, I had the blond girl's haircut about 8 years later. Come back 80s, come back...

posted by Eric at 9:22 AM on May 2, 2008

TaulPaul is INSANE.

posted by marrina at 11:08 AM on May 2, 2008

Link-bater is the politically correct term Marina. Let's get back to hating on Julia. I'm sure you have an opinion dear.

posted by taulpaul at 11:16 AM on May 2, 2008

What's the plan for the weekend? I'm putting down marble tile in the kitchen.

posted by taulpaul at 11:19 AM on May 2, 2008

Rachel is no kid (though she is younger than you, Rex), and I'd say she's too busy working and traveling to be "stumbling around the LES."

I'm glad to hear that more than three Minneapolites know who she is, though. I hope she leaves a legion of fans here.

posted by alexis at 12:33 PM on May 2, 2008

Also, I don't know who Julia Allison is but I know I'm tired of reading about her on blogs. A quote from a friend:

"I never want to hear the name Julia Allison again in my life. It's like watching nerds try to drive a popular but stupid girl to suicide, for no reason than they are drunk with empty power. Thus, I have also unsubscribed from Gawker. I had enough of bullies when I was in high school."

posted by alexis at 12:55 PM on May 2, 2008

whatever TP, I love Julia Allison.

posted by marrina at 2:42 PM on May 2, 2008

Oh Lex. I love when you get feisty.

Yes, of course, Rachel is no kid. I think you're interpreting condescension where there was none. Though, I disagree on one point: EVERYONE is too busy in NYC media to stumble around the bar scene, but everyone does it because it's practically a job requirement.

As for Julia, well, I've recently learned that no one who reads this blog cares about her, so I'm cutting off those links. But I will say that your friend's characterization is hilarious -- Julia as the victim of the nyc blogosphere. She would laugh at that one.

And what's Gawker?

posted by Rex at 3:08 PM on May 2, 2008

I don't get the cupcake fetish seems like a trend I could do without.

Marina, I only have enough in me to love my wife and you....there's not enough left for Julia...only spite and vitriol, which by happenstance are tattooed on my knuckles.

posted by taulpaul at 3:12 PM on May 2, 2008

I wasn't getting feisty Rex, but I suppose you couldn't know that with only text and no intonation.

I doubt he was referring only to bloggers that currently live in NYC, but then again I'm clueless about the subject.

posted by alexis at 5:20 PM on May 2, 2008

Will you guys just get a room and get it over with...oh wait...never mind.

posted by taulpaul at 5:51 PM on May 2, 2008

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