may 28

Blogger Nation

Promise, last link about Emily's NYT Mag thing... The Observer, which probably felt it needed to say something, dissects the production of the cover photo, suggesting (and then unsuggesting) victimization and proposing that writers need to watch their image. Though it's never invoked, all of this now reminds me of Prozac Nation, with the same debates between sexuality vs. victimization, public vs. private, memoir vs. publicity.

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Totes-ally. I've been making this same point to friends in the last week. The Gould piece was the NYTimes way of not only capitalizing on NY's media and blogger obsession (links! comments! page views!), but also revealing just how self-obsessed and naive the sniping class can be. Gould, despite trying to evince world weariness, came across as extraordinarily naive, despite the fact that she was writing about an experience in which she lost her naivete.

posted by Steve Bryant at 12:19 PM on May 28, 2008

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