jun 18

Hello, Link Bait

My NY Mag story on micro-celebrity: The Microfame Game.


i like how the length of your writing vacillates between 1-2 sentence link posts and 9-page magazine articles. good piece.

posted by Josh at 10:57 AM on June 18, 2008

saw you in tribeca a couple days ago walking with some other guy.

posted by alpobreath at 11:23 AM on June 18, 2008

You beat them again!


posted by DC at 12:06 PM on June 18, 2008

Color me skeptical of the truthiness of the first sentence of the article.

posted by Pat at 12:48 PM on June 18, 2008

Well Gawker sure didn't like that.

Congrats on publishing a great piece in NY Mag!

posted by Alexis at 1:58 PM on June 18, 2008

Oh, that's silly. Pareene is awesome, and if you think THAT'S bad, then the internet is a scary place.

Chiding about Julia is completely warranted. I've taken much worse here.

posted by Rex at 2:02 PM on June 18, 2008

Gawker commenters = Gawker (oh come on, as if I had to elaborate).

posted by Alexis at 3:11 PM on June 18, 2008

Oh. Well. Yeah. They haven't liked anything since... well, never.

posted by Rex at 3:15 PM on June 18, 2008

Haha. Hey, remember when I met you at that thing and had no idea who you were? Some how this article came up in my... internet... and I stared at the name for a while before realizing why it was familiar.

Anyway, uh, Felicia did end up coming to the party, thanks.

posted by Brad O'Farrell at 3:16 AM on June 19, 2008

"always respond to the stupid, meaningless, nonsensical, vapid nonsense that strangers spout about you on the internet, even if it means rudely pulling out your iphone or blackberry thirty-two times during every single movie, show,and conversation (you know, the ones with actual human beings).

here's to languishing in anonymity.

posted by emily c. at 1:58 PM on June 19, 2008

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