jun 19

Tomorrow Museum

My favorite blog right now, you ask? The answer is not Keith Gessen's Tumblr, which causes much brow rumpling and eyebrow raising. (Sometimes I read his posts like poetry, repeating the lines, hoping that something will reveal itself. It's annoying because I really believe someone should be carrying the flag he's unfurled and raised. There's a legit point in his ruckus, but I just don't know where the fuck he's going with it.) No, my favorite blog right now is my pal Joanne's Tomorrow Museum. She has been doing careful thought pieces on little cultural phenomena. Sure, I like the stuff on internet celebrity -- Microcelebrity and Frienemies and We Live in Public -- but there's also the essay on Boss Culture and the one about Hypertext and the Kindle. She has a super-informed voice that eschews trickery. Maybe this is the flag we should be flying under.


Thanks for this Rex. This is the flag I'm trying - and mostly failing - to fly under, so it's good to come upon people succeeding at doing what I can't.

Oh and speaking of the NY clusterfuck, did you see the mess on Jezebel today? I'm starting to think Jason Chen is the only Gawker-ite worth taking seriously - largely because he acknowledges his work for what it is: not much.

posted by Nav at 7:09 PM on June 19, 2008

Being a foreign chap I really am out of the loop on all this gossip stuff. All I know is I quite like the issue of N+1 I shipped over ages ago, as McSweeney's has been boring the pants off me (bring back the ragbag non-fiction potpourri I say). But hey, If you guys hate all this stuff now maybe you could ship me over all your copies, and throw in a few hundred back issues of Harper's as we don't get any of that stuff over here, and it costs mint to ship over. You don't know when you got it good IMO.

posted by david at 7:16 PM on June 19, 2008

Tomorrow Museum fucking rules.

posted by taylor at 1:13 PM on June 22, 2008

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