jun 23

Speed Dressing

This "how to practice speed dressing" video is pretty funny, but was it actually a JC Penney advert? (Update: as I suspected, it's not.)


No, it wasn't - it won an award in The Cannes Lions festival and has since appeared on youtube, which upsets JC penney as they never cleared that ad for air.


posted by dabitch at 7:00 AM on June 24, 2008

I actually think it's an agency's duty to their client to try and create the best work for them. Sometimes it starts with a creative brief and sometimes it's an agency initiated effort to make things happen.

Of course, this shouldn't have been entered in the awards show, but that was the production company's fault - not the agency.

posted by Joe Jones at 2:12 PM on June 25, 2008

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