jun 24

AOTS -- TV Appearance

Video: I was on Attack of the Show on G4 yesterday, talking about the microfame article. I tried to get through all eight steps, but tv moves so fast! Anyway, the very important footnote: I'm wearing a t-shirt in the segment that shows only two letters (ON) because of the jacket. But I took a photo of it, so you can know my stance on the self-awareness of being on tv talking about microfame.


There's a really rich irony to the fact that the guy telling us about how to achieve "microfame" is wearing a shirt that says, "phoney"....And what looks like an uncoiled ribbon around his neck. What the hell is that?

posted by Ironic at 10:10 AM on June 24, 2008

Why does he keep interrupting you with his own "clever" observations? Does he come from the George Stroumboulopoulos school of delivering painful-to-watch TV interviews?

posted by Tyler at 10:53 AM on June 24, 2008

When I watch it in now, it's actually a decent length. But sitting there in real time, it felt like a nanosecond. So I think Kevin was trying to hustle me along -- not really his fault.

The sartorial decisions? Completely my fault.

posted by Rex at 11:08 AM on June 24, 2008

The last time I was on Attack of the Show was last year, to talk about Twitter.

posted by Rex at 11:55 AM on June 24, 2008

Self-aggrandizement in the service of self-deprecation in the service of self-aggrandizement is...meta-propaganda? You're a nesting doll of solipsism, rexy.

posted by steve bryant at 12:22 PM on June 24, 2008

Resisting the urge to Twitter: Solipsism is my middle name!

posted by Rex at 12:27 PM on June 24, 2008

nice glasses

posted by MeJayne at 1:13 PM on June 24, 2008

oh man, that is why TV is sooo dead. No time given to a topic at all.

Then again youtube is basically just the format of TV comedy clip tape shows magnified ;)

posted by dave at 2:21 PM on June 24, 2008

If you become microfamous for talking about microfame, does that make you metamicrofamous?

And do you get to be in the next Weezer video?

posted by Kurtis at 7:57 PM on June 24, 2008

nice belt.

posted by km at 10:56 PM on June 24, 2008

judson laipply was apparently on Oprah today and is bringing out more videos. And in his 14th minute too.

posted by Ironic at 10:01 PM on June 25, 2008

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