jul 12

Droll Models

A lot of people (and by "a lot" I mean the 47 people who are trudging through this whole confessional bloggy moment) will find Chez Pazienza's "Droll Models" in HuffPo edifying.


Guess what? I don't!

posted by Rex at 12:38 PM on July 12, 2008

You're saying you didn't even secretly like the first half of the piece in a dishy sort of way?

posted by katiebakes at 11:36 PM on July 12, 2008

I wrote a few hundred words about it and then remembered that I'm not having opinions any more.

Yes, I liked the beginning, and a small bit at the end, including some bits about responsibility and performance. And then I hated most of the rest, especially about the flaws of self-revelation (Emily) and the pathology of play (Moe).

That's the short version.

posted by Rex at 11:41 PM on July 12, 2008

You know what I would find edifying? Not seeing the shit that spawns these articles happen constantly. How rare is it that we have a sweeping discussion about how well a blogger is managing their career or contributing to public discourse? We can't do that, because the first thing on our tongues is today's trainwreck.

Well, at least I have ready-to-go talking points about bloggers who seem to be enlightening, not disappointing. I just feel lonely in being the one person in the room who would want to talk about them.

As for the Pazienza piece, the only thing I liked about it is that he agreed with me (partly) on the responsibility and maturity issues. For that matter, so did Hepola. And, yeah, Jezebel's publishing company comes into play as an accomplice, as a contributing player in the behavior of their employees. Rex, I know you think much differently of bloggers and their integrity (and, for most of them, you're probably correct), but the evidence points to the fact that most Gawker hostages end up becoming culture terrorists themselves after about 6-9 months.

posted by Brian Van at 10:40 AM on July 13, 2008

"most Gawker hostages end up becoming culture terrorists themselves after about 6-9 months."


posted by Rex at 11:09 AM on July 13, 2008

Moe is lucky as fuck someone didn't tape her Ritalin Readings appearance. That shit was ugly.

posted by boredwithit at 11:12 PM on July 14, 2008

Identity hint!

Okay, that means you're not Krucoff, you're not Brian Van, you're not a lot of people. But you COULD BE Sklar, or Balk, or Lindsay, or Glynnis... hmmmm...

posted by Rex at 9:00 AM on July 15, 2008

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