jul 21

Mad Men in Bloomingdale's

The other day I noticed that there's a Mad Men display in Bloomingdale's. Update: Mad Men on the Grand Central Shuttle, which is the most immaculate NYC subway I have ever seen. [via]


i'm going to go there and get something to wear to your MM party, which i just invited myself to.

also i'm bringing a jell-o mold and a lot of cigarettes.

posted by adm at 11:12 PM on July 21, 2008

how much was a suit/shirt/tie combo?

posted by gltich at 12:23 AM on July 22, 2008

The ad campaign for the new season is amazing.. that spread in Ad Age, the Mad Men train, and now this.. pretty clever..

posted by marrina at 11:23 AM on July 22, 2008

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