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The Hills Returns

Trailer to Season 4 of The Hills. OMG WTF LOL.


Lo is such a biatch!

posted by katiebakes at 1:08 PM on July 22, 2008


posted by Rex at 1:10 PM on July 22, 2008

ZOMG I love the Hills! Lauren looks great, especially in that last scene ;-) They are such great actors.


posted by Katie at 1:11 PM on July 22, 2008

Team Audrina vs. Lo maybe but how could Audrina go on a date with another guy? TEAM JUSTIN BOBBY.

posted by Jake at 1:16 PM on July 22, 2008

Go Justin Bobby's bike!

posted by taulpaul at 1:46 PM on July 22, 2008

So good I had to watch it twice. Sadly, the actual show will pale in comparison.

posted by Laura at 1:58 PM on July 22, 2008

Also: Heidi & Spencer are making a video game.

posted by Rex at 2:04 PM on July 22, 2008

I totally had to watch it twice too... God, I have soo many questions now. Like, who the F is that Doug guy? Heidi has a sister??

posted by marrina at 2:57 PM on July 22, 2008

I hate that this is the most commented item on your 16th-most-influential-evar website. You're all brilliant for a while, and then, TEAM AUDRINA. Brain rot. My optimism fades with their ascent.

posted by Brian Van at 11:18 PM on July 22, 2008



posted by Rex at 11:47 PM on July 22, 2008

BV, why ya gotta be such a downer all the time? (Related: What optimism?) Would you rather we commented about the cleanliness of the Grand Central shuttle?

posted by katiebakes at 11:20 AM on July 23, 2008

I ain't backing down. The Hills is one of the most fascinating cultural produces in decades.

I can talk about it for hours. The blending of fiction and reality, the meta-critique of celebrity, the non-inside inside view of media, the life of the rich and famous, the narrative technique of repetition, the role of music in storytelling, the portrayal of New LA...

Seriously. It's fucking Tolstoy.

posted by Rex at 11:23 AM on July 23, 2008

oh, I agree. it's like, War and Peace of our generation..

posted by marrina at 12:50 PM on July 23, 2008

kb: My reasoning is not too complicated. I despise the fact that people worship individuals who lack grace, talent, intelligence, or reasonable emotions - as long as they are pretty and well-dressed. Society is obsessed with these people, for the similarly dreadful motives of golden-idol worship and exploitation. I don't like being reminded of this fact.

But it's not all terrible. I see Audrina as an rube-like innocent and an accidental aristocrat, who got unwittingly tangled up in this mess but seems to handle it with more class than people give her credit for. Compared to Heidi/Spencer (most venal couple ever) or Lauren (the least pleasant person of the 21st Century so far), Audrina comes off like Jackie O. (Also, nice tits.) That is one kind opinion I have about this universe.

That said, I get my New LA from Entourage, where everyone is 70% fictitious and not 10% like The Hills. When it comes to whimsical sitcoms imitating real life, I don't like my peas in my mashed potatoes.

It would also help if they weren't all dull and slow-witted. My ideal reality show would follow around someone clever talking to various other clever people about random culture topics, avoiding the crutch of trying to extract plotlines from mismanaged personal relationships or fanciful celebrity travels. Those wells are pretty much dry. In particular, the drama cycle in that group is like 1984. "Eurasia is a bitch!" "Eastasia is a bitch!" "Eurasia is a bitch!" And so on...

posted by Brian Van at 2:42 PM on July 23, 2008

oh my gosh! people are being wrong on the internet! Way to ruin my day.

First up, I'm sorry but Entourage is exactly like the Hills. Fool yourself however you like BV but Entourage worships "individuals who lack grace, talent, intelligence, or reasonable emotions".

Secondly, its TEAM LAUREN!

posted by Brigitta at 6:49 PM on July 23, 2008

But Entourage is not a documentary, it's a situation comedy. It's funny because they're all nice, funny, lovable losers, lucky to be friends with the incredibly fortunate actor dude. They're always cracking jokes but also variously getting themselves in jams or trying to accomplish things on their own (and usually failing or not getting much done). Even for their faults, they're not jerks. (Ari Gold is a jerk, but he's a hysterical character and a mesmerizing heel) There is lots of charm in that show from the characters.

I wouldn't say The Hills encourages worship of the damned, rather to clarify my earlier statement, it is focused on people who are also losers and/or barely talented. It's just that it's not a comedy. I suppose you're supposed to feel tension when Lauren fights with her roommates or friends. Instead, I just think she's nasty and frustrating to watch. She's not charming at all. No one on the show is. These are not people I'd ever invite to a party, except for Audrina. That is my opinion of these real life individuals, something that cannot be dismissed by saying that I don't like the scripts or the directing or the character arcs. Though the situation of The Hills is somewhat interesting, it's the anti-appeal of its subjects that ruin the show for me.

posted by Brian Van at 9:13 PM on July 23, 2008

(whispers to everyone else) I think this guy takes this far too seriously. Anyone agree?

posted by Brigitta at 9:32 PM on July 23, 2008


posted by rex at 10:39 PM on July 23, 2008

But I'll be sure to catch all of you on VH1 in 5 years on a very special, "I Love the 00's" as the resident experts on such matters.


posted by Brian Van at 1:18 AM on July 24, 2008

You have your wrestling, I have my Newport Harbor.

posted by katiebakes at 11:30 AM on July 24, 2008

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