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Rex Sorgatz

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jul 22

You Probably Think This Song Is About You

To close out your day, an awesome acoustic cover of "You're So Vain."


I completely forgot this line:

As you watched yourself gavotte


posted by Rex at 3:00 PM on July 22, 2008

Whoa! I always thought it was "watch yourself go by" !

Rex, is that girl your type?

posted by katiebakes at 6:35 PM on July 22, 2008

whether that's your girl-type or not, I think she's a perfect prototype for your first foray into trans-continental svengali-like she-rocker agent represntation. she's vastly underrepresented on the web, which could be your foot in the door.

posted by geoff at 11:58 AM on July 23, 2008

Totally my type.

posted by Rex at 12:02 PM on July 23, 2008

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