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Breaking: The Hills Might Be Fake

LAT interview with Audrina from The Hills makes the show even faker than you thought it was.


The dynamics of The Hills fascinates me. Essentially you have a group of people who are on a reality show and because of the fame from that show they are involved in all sorts of things, some of which would actually be interesting to see them deal with. But for some reason the producers decided to freeze their lives to where it was in the first season, instead of exploring their new, on-the-show lives. It creates this weird reality where you can read in US Weekly or People about LC getting her own clothing line or Audrina being on a movie and yet in the show LC's still and intern and Audrina a receptionist.

It would probably be too hard to switch this now but wouldn't an actual reality show, about their actual lives, be kinda interesting to watch?

I hope I that makes sense.

posted by Jake at 9:17 PM on July 29, 2008

Great comment, Jake, and I thought the ongoing refrains of "Oh, I'm just here for Lauren!" reinforced your point.

Semi-related: the best exchange -

Q: Do you still work at Epic Records? Are you still looking to pursue a career in the music industry?

A: I don't work as much there as I used to. It's definitely not how it used to be when the series started.

"I don't work as much there as I used to." Ohh, how I wish.

posted by katiebakes at 11:05 PM on July 29, 2008

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