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Pretty much designed to explode the internet, NYT Magazine's story on trolls: Malwebolence. Who knew these people were self-identified? Welcome to backlash to the backlash to the backlash. Link stream: Metafilter | NY Mag | Slashdot | Digg | Gawker | Weev.


That guy in the picture looks pretty much exactly as I have imagined him to look on the other side of the screen. Punchaface!

posted by Eric at 1:03 AM on August 1, 2008

I'm not surprised that abuse plays a role in trolling. As someone who was abused much like Fortuny, it's very easy to identify with trolls. One solution would be to identify abuse when it has happened (this requires self-identification as well, a tricky ledger, as well as a 'safe place', which the Internet can provide), and take actions to reverse the damage caused.

Remember: If you feel broken or damaged, it is possible you have been abused.

I've been on the Internet a long time, and in reality, trolls are bringing back the Internet That Was; one that was text based and community oriented and not as chaotic as it is today.

posted by Anonymous-but-easily-identifiable at 6:53 AM on August 1, 2008

Although, re: Meev: I am epic fail in the eyes of meev. Good day, sir.

posted by Anonymous-again at 8:12 AM on August 1, 2008

I'm only part of the way through, but the opening anecdote is SO upsetting.

posted by katiebakes at 12:56 PM on August 1, 2008

Okay, I really like this line, because it ties into something I've been saying for awhile, which is that there's a big difference between anonymity and pseudonymity -

"A broader answer is persistent pseudonymity, a system of nicknames that stay the same across multiple sites. This could reduce anonymitys excesses while preserving its benefits for whistle-blowers and overseas dissenters."

posted by katiebakes at 1:52 PM on August 1, 2008

This story isn't over, Chuck. D'I mean Rex.

RFJason responds: http://www.rfjason.com/article/dont_click_the_last_link

And the article's author, Mattathias Schwartz also responds:

Rex, you're in the media: Is this the first, IRL living article that ever happened, as RFJason claims?

posted by Anonymous? at 4:57 PM on August 3, 2008

Whoops, he didn't claim that. Nevermind.

posted by Anony-moose at 5:42 PM on August 3, 2008

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