aug 1

Sklar Attack

Rachel performed with Lisa Loeb last night. I was the giddy and supportive boy in the audience taking photos.


Also noted: Lisa Loeb is 40, but she still looks 25, even when you're two feet from her.

posted by Rex at 6:17 PM on August 1, 2008

I watched her reality show "#1 Single" because she's so damned cute. Did she stay with the guy she wound up with in the show?

posted by Eric at 6:45 PM on August 1, 2008

She mentioned having a "new boyfriend," but I don't know how new.

posted by Rex at 7:00 PM on August 1, 2008

HA! Knew that guy wasn't good enough for her. Lisa, nobody can love you like I can. Just because I sift through your garbage, it doesn't mean I'm stalking you. I'm just a fervent recycler!

posted by Eric at 12:25 AM on August 2, 2008

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