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What Would Don Draper Do?

New Tumblr: What Would Don Draper Do?


Dear Rex, it is a tumblelog, not a Tumblr. In the same way this isn't your Movable Type (or Wordpress or Textpattern, and so on), it is your blog.

posted by Richard at 6:03 AM on August 2, 2008


posted by Rex at 11:05 AM on August 2, 2008

Yeah well the LEGO company wants us to call them "Lego building blocks" but we all say 'legos.'

'tumblelog' sounds like something cooked up by marketing at an ungrateful web startup and pushed on its users to me.

posted by alesh at 1:06 PM on August 2, 2008

I calls it a dot-com. A useful one at that!

posted by wwydfakb at 2:02 PM on August 2, 2008

Seriously, that's a hilarious thing to say, Richard. Karp calls his blog a Tumblr!

It reminds me of an argument I had with Little Green Footballs many years ago when he claimed that he would never use the word "blog" -- that it was supposed to be "weblog." HAHAHA.

posted by Rex at 4:30 PM on August 2, 2008

Thermos, Xerox, Kleenex, Google, FEDEX or UPS, Tumblr

When your product's or service's name is the de facto name for the product or service then it doesn't matter what you're selling, people can just call it and all similar items/offers by your name.
Bonus points if it becomes a verb.

posted by robosheep at 9:13 PM on August 2, 2008


Where does David call his tumblelog "a Tumblr"?

posted by Marco at 10:05 AM on August 4, 2008

At my beach house. Hah.

You guys aren't seriously trying to join this lexical mission, are you? Compare:

"my tumblog" - 13,700
"my tumblelog" - 56,900
"my tumblr" - 127,000

Seriously, most people refer to their site as their Tumblr, not their tumblelog.

posted by Rex at 1:11 PM on August 4, 2008

Sure, but a lot of people also incorrectly refer to the generic verb of "photoshopping" images. Compare:

"photoshopped" - 2,630,000
"edited with Adobe® Photoshop® CS3" - 79

That doesn't mean Adobe should stop trying to correct them.

posted by Marco at 1:50 PM on August 4, 2008

Actually, YES IT DOES!

posted by Rex at 1:58 PM on August 4, 2008

I say, who cares? don't steal Draper's thunder..

posted by marrina at 3:09 PM on August 4, 2008

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