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Rex Sorgatz

Idea: a chain of popup stores. (I don't know what it even means, but it seems like everything is now either a chain or a popup store.)

aug 3

What Would Joan Holloway Do?

And now there's this: What Would Joan Holloway Do?


well, one thing joan holloway wouldn't do is misspell "apologize" on her blog.

posted by adm at 11:47 PM on August 3, 2008

less pedantically, not-quite-successful attempts like this one and those jarring images of the cast in street clothes do remind you how much work must go into portraying these characters so convincingly, particularly for the actors who play joan, betty, and don.

posted by adm at 1:21 AM on August 4, 2008

I'd rather read "What Wouldn't I Do to Joan Holloway?" Post #1: Not have sex with her. The thing practically writes itself.

posted by Justin at 3:34 PM on August 4, 2008

It's like the goofy days of livejournal fan art, but not lame.

posted by natasha at 7:38 PM on August 4, 2008

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