aug 8

Edwards Admits Affair

Finally, big media attends to it, with ABC getting there first: Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate. Update: my pal Chuck has video of her on the Edwards plane (and in the comments, reporters are trying to snag it). Update: looks like AP bought it.


That's too bad. I liked Edwards. It's funny to me that Wolf Blitzer won't shut the fuck up about how this means his political career is over. Really? Republicans get to troll for gay (and underage) sex and keep their jobs, but Edwards is going down because of an affair? Yawn.

posted by ovenpunch at 4:51 PM on August 8, 2008

ABC "got there first" about as much as his wingman Andrew Young did.... but i know what you mean.

overpunch, the difference is that those republicans are incumbents. edwards would have to get re-elected to something, which isn't going to happen. but, let's face it, that wasn't happening anyway.

posted by adm at 7:15 PM on August 8, 2008

Well, they got him to confess -- that's the story. I don't think there's any hedging on that.

posted by Rex at 7:22 PM on August 8, 2008

you're right, and i'm glad they did it, but you gotta ask yourself where were the investigative reporters back in october and since? they are so worried about getting painted with the "sleaze" brush, they are afraid to do their jobs. even now, the angle -- even in the headlines -- is "Edwards lied as candidate," as if that is what legitimizes the story.

posted by adm at 11:48 PM on August 8, 2008

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