aug 16

Jon Stewart

Someone finally wrote the behind-the-scenes story of The Daily Show that you've been waiting for: The Most Trusted Man in America? Never would have guessed that NYT would give it to Michiko Kakutani, but after 3,000 words, what's the big reveal? They use 15 TiVos! Not much else new in there.... UPDATE: a whole lot more enlightening than those 3,000 words is one single amazing comment on PVRblog, written by a former Daily Show researcher who describes the entire TiVo process.

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Great find on the comment, that was really interesting.

That article was so frustrating for me - I found myself actually longing for the "to be sure..." ! How could they write that much and not even have a token quote from someone about any sort of bias? The absence of anything controversial was just palpable for such a long piece. It was like something out of a bland Vanity Fair.

posted by katiebakes at 11:50 PM on August 17, 2008

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