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Rex Sorgatz

The side-benefit of dating Jewish girls in this silly city: my Words With Friends gameplay has become much better!

aug 16


Michael Phelps conspiracy site:


This gives a much clearer view of the finish. Th power move by Phelps is impressive and after watching it dozens of times. I'd say Phelps won.

posted by Tim Poundstone at 8:57 PM on August 16, 2008

cavic is FIRST

posted by tvidy at 4:30 PM on August 19, 2008

New link of above is dead.

posted by Tim Poundstone at 10:09 PM on August 19, 2008

Cavic has won the race!!! Phelps sucks!!!

posted by Tinkerbell at 10:22 AM on August 21, 2008

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