aug 25


Remember that Josh Hartnett film about the internet startup scene circa 1999 (the one with a Calacanis cameo)? You forgot already, and it opened in theaters a month ago! Refresher: it's called August, and it comes out on DVD tomorrow. (Also noted for tomorrow: the fourth season of Entourage.)


I want to get the DVD just because that one star review on Amazon reeks of someone not 'getting it'.

posted by BradOFarrell at 11:31 AM on August 25, 2008

Caught this one last night, and was surprised to find it lacked anything resembling a plot.

Cinematography was good, music/score was excellent, acting was solid, but it played out like the lobotomised second act of a dull TV episode.

Startup dot com was better, and, well, true.

posted by Adam at 11:51 AM on August 26, 2008

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