sep 5

Vanity Fair and Google Walk Into a Bar...

My final post from RNC for Radar: Chad Hurley At The Google/VF Fete. Excerpt: "On television, political conventions looks like infomercials. In reality, they are like summer camps. They're like the Super Bowl without the game, or like SXSW without the bands. But everyone watches the big game for the ads, and uses music as an excuse to rub bodies. Conventions will always exist. You can't uninvent anything in politics."

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well thought out and commented on rex...

strange bed fellows, the RNC and the twin cities.
and yet, the setting of a plasma screen with republican coverage near any kiki smith piece is a painful visual for any host or guest.
the invincible walker included...
or maybe the ultimate contemporary virtual reality show ever.
on that note,should we offer a toast?

posted by km at 9:42 PM on September 5, 2008

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