sep 17

Hacking Palin

Sarah Palin's email account (on Yahoo Mail) was hacked by Anonymous and posted to 4chan. Screencaps on Wikileaks. Discussion on Reddit. [via]


This is going to be a monster of a story if it's true. Put Anonymous in MUCH bigger place than they were when they took on Scientology.

Plus, they'll soon find themselves meeting the Secret Service.

posted by Gavin at 2:16 PM on September 17, 2008

palin had someone do it, so her account (which she used in that troopergate stuff) would be conveniently deleted so as not to be used in that case?

sounds suspiciously like those white house emails that went missing (also on their personal accts)

posted by ormaybe at 8:49 PM on September 17, 2008

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