sep 23

New York, I Love You -- No Buts!

[This post is for four people.] For most of the winter and spring, when people asked me why I moved to NYC, my sarcastic answer was "To fix it." This was clearly a coping strategy since NYC was obviously breaking me into itsy-bitsy pieces. So I changed the goal to "I came to fix NYC, but I'd be happy just fixing Krucoff." New York, I'm now ready for the rest of you.


Hah. (And if anyone thinks I'm seriously taking credit for something, hahah, you have no sense of humor.)

[Insert comments from KatieBakes, FEK, and 99 here.]

posted by Rex at 3:04 PM on September 23, 2008

Also, Kruc: You hafta start Twittering now.

posted by Rex at 3:20 PM on September 23, 2008

You sly dog, preempting me like that. That's one of my shitty tricks. Aw, Rex. What've you in store for me?

posted by fek at 3:37 PM on September 23, 2008

Please leave me out of this perverted internet game you're playing.

posted by jolie at 4:11 PM on September 23, 2008

Fine, I'm not coming to your commenter party with competing cherry bars!

posted by Rex at 4:14 PM on September 23, 2008

If you sign enough texts to someone with XOXO, he's bound to see the light side eventually.

posted by katiebakes at 6:37 PM on September 23, 2008

Maybe Krucoff had a change of heart after reading ALL THE SAD YOUNG LITERARY MEN

posted by Mark at 9:02 AM on September 24, 2008

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