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Rex Sorgatz

Trying really fucking hard to not be part of the problem.

sep 26

Fey Day

What's Tina Fey's worth?


meanwhile, recent fresh air report noted that 30 Rock isn't even in the *top 40* of broadcast television shows. You people are so not worthy.

posted by alesh at 6:56 PM on September 26, 2008

Tired of her knocking her looks when she's not even unconventionally pretty, she's empirically pretty.

posted by sac at 8:03 PM on September 26, 2008

Is this gonna become a thing where I have to *not* like her now that it's cool to like her? Or that I can only wear her T-shirts from her first tour?

posted by Safran at 4:44 PM on September 28, 2008

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