oct 10

Chinese Democracy

Chinese Democracy: November 23.


I'll take my Dr. Pepper now.

posted by Rex at 10:43 AM on October 10, 2008

First the chocolate rain deal, now free soda for America in these trying times.

I think the marketing folks over at Cadbury Schweppes seem to have a decent handle of this new media marketing gig(viral/linkbait).

posted by ryanol at 11:35 AM on October 10, 2008

we sat through the end credits of Body of Lies last night to see where the Middle Eastern scenes were filmed (Morocco...duh) and who the beautiful Iranian woman was (Golshifteh Farahani...yum) and about a minute in I realized we were listening to a new GNR tune. I give it a 6.5

posted by geoff at 10:39 PM on October 12, 2008

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