oct 13


Chicago has mysteriously become ground central for the local online media battle. The Onion recently launched its entertainment portal, Decider, in Chicago. Huffington Post last month launched its local effort in Chicago. NBC just launched a new affiliate site, NBCChicago.com, that is heavily entertainment-based. Curbed and Eater will be spreading there soon, and EveryBlock also hails from ChiTown. And in addition to the normal Gothamist and MetroBlog presence, Gapers Block has a huge following.


And don't forget Chi-Town Daily News and Beachwood Reporter.

posted by Adrian Holovaty at 5:19 PM on October 13, 2008

Or Windy Citizen!

Meanwhile, the Tribune decided to redesign their deadtree...

posted by Kiyoshi Martinez at 8:24 PM on October 13, 2008

chicago is clearly the other white meat.

posted by geoff at 11:30 PM on October 13, 2008

I don't know if other Minneapolis kids agree, but I've always had a chip on my shoulder about Chicago. In my estimation, Chicago always got recognition as the biggest city in the midwest but was actually one of the least cool -- Minnie has less hassle while having more cool things to offer.

posted by Rex at 11:31 PM on October 13, 2008

Get over it Rex. Chicago is the only game going in the Midwest. We have lots of reasons to be criticized, but there is nothing for 1000 miles that is even close.

posted by Richie at 1:13 AM on October 14, 2008


posted by marcus at 11:12 AM on October 14, 2008

chi-town has the best music festivals/scene of the midwest too.

posted by tiger at 5:08 PM on November 3, 2008

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