oct 14

Kanye on Twitter

New life goal: get @kanyewest to follow me.


After the fake-blogging controversy is it possible kanye is....fake twittering?

posted by Jake at 5:52 PM on October 14, 2008

Sure, of course. My guess right now is that Kanye's blog is 90% ghost-written but the Twitter is legit.

posted by Rex at 5:54 PM on October 14, 2008

It's a fake. I saw this a few months ago and at the time, he was following about a dozen people: Obama, some other rap/hip-hop people (likely also fake) and me. That seems more than fishy...he's gotta have better things to do than read my tweets.

posted by jkottke at 7:56 PM on October 14, 2008

Rise above, Rex! You are better than this!

posted by Eric at 9:59 PM on October 14, 2008

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