oct 29

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Y'know, Rex, can I call you Rex?

I can't help but notice that while the quality of the links on Fimoculous remains high, the quantity has taken a rather sharp dive.

I suspect this has something to do with your girlfriend "working on a book."

I'm trying to imagine the text messages that are disrupting your work flow these days. (Extra points on the Overshare merit badge if you post them, btw.)

I'm imagining Rex at Starbucks in the basement of 30 Rock, settling down for a long session of RSS surfing, alternately wishing he had a job or grateful that he doesn't, interrupted by the following text stream:

BORED! Latte. Bedroom. Now.

I know you have a life to live, Rex. But what about us? Who loses when you turn your back on the Internet and selfishly engage real people in your real life?

We lose, Rex. The readers. The hardworking 3rd-string journalists who depend on you to do our god damned jobs for us.

I tried replacing you with a Google Trends script but it's just not the same.

posted by Michael Duff at 8:39 PM on October 29, 2008

Thanks for noticing!

It's true, Fimoc is a little slower the last couple weeks. (Then again, it was REALLY slow a couple years ago, for anyone who was here.)

I made an allusion to why here. Hopefully I'll explain more later. (It has nothing to do with girls, thankgod.)

Haha. Anyway, thanks.

posted by Rex at 1:34 AM on October 30, 2008

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