nov 7

Franken Recount

After correcting a human error in entering data gave him another 100 votes, Al Franken is now down only 237 votes (~.01% of the total vote). Previous Minnesota vote recounts have changed votes by 3500+ votes. The official recount begins in two weeks. If there's a tie, it ends in a coin flip (for real). Update: recount votes could swing Franken.


DeRusha says that it happens "by lot" so I guess it doesn't necessarily have to be a toin coss -- it could be drawing straws or.... Rock-Paper-Scissor?

posted by Rex at 5:04 PM on November 7, 2008


posted by Ana at 10:07 PM on November 7, 2008

My dad was born in Minneapolis. He has to be rolling over in his grave knowing that an idiot like Franken is this close to being elected a senator.

posted by Dan Pettigrew at 10:26 PM on November 7, 2008

Just to be clear, that should read "After *correcting* human error in entering data gave him another 100 votes..." Franken didn't get votes by mistake.

posted by Mel at 1:20 PM on November 8, 2008

Good catch. Fixed.

posted by Rex at 1:23 PM on November 8, 2008

Maybe they could arm wrestle in the event of a tie to decide the election? Or maybe a game of horseshoes or tiddly-winks?

posted by Bill at 11:05 AM on November 9, 2008

Tiddly-winks, the obvious final decision maker, too cold for horseshoes and the "winks" are slippery, a politically correct word.

posted by Chris at 9:07 PM on November 9, 2008

205! And Nate Silver likes the numbers for Franken too!

posted by ana at 3:04 PM on November 10, 2008

Dan, I doubt if your father spent any time in Minneapolis after being born that he would be anything but ashamed of Coleman possibly getting re-elected. Even if Franken where as bad as he is made out to be he would be an improvement. But the reality is that he is a threat to those who wish to hold power, because he really is one of those few who are fully aware of the mechanations of politics, and an open critic of them. He is a political satirist, and if there is anyone who would oppose politics as usual it would be a political satirist. Of course this is threatening to those who are born politicians and firmly entrenched in philandering to corporate interests. Which I must assume is the kind of politician you would prefer, assuming you really believe that Coleman is in any way better to represent my state to the house of lords, err i mean the senate.

posted by Dave at 5:07 PM on November 14, 2008

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