nov 11

Where the Things in Cloverfield Happen

This is why the internet exists: Where the Things in Cloverfield Happen. It's a guided tour (via Google Maps) of the events in Cloverfield. The writing is superb -- items include "I'm guessing this is where that yuppie party was" and "Man remember that they hella bomb the monster and dudes are like whoa at least it is all over and then the monster is like nuh uh and just lashes out and knocks the chopper to the ground." [via]

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Meh. A bunch of that is totally wrong. All the downtown stuff he has way to far west on the map. The filming for that part was actually done on Orchard St. You can totally see Cafe Charbon.

posted by harryh at 9:54 PM on November 11, 2008

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