nov 14

Draper Is Old

Here's some perspective for you Don Draper girls.

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Drivers license photos are supposed to be terrible. Mine looks like I slept underneath a tipped over couch in all my clothes and jumped up just in time to stick my head into the photo. I never get asked for my ID at the store anymore when I'm buying beer, either because I look really worn out and old or because the clerk recognizes me from every other day that I stop in. I also don't drive much and go notoriously slow when I do, so my ID exists almost entirely for giving to police if I get stopped on the sidewalk. So it makes sense that my photo should look like garbage, because if I'm ever in a position where I'm being asked by a cop on the sidewalk for my ID, I'll definitely look like crap in person, too.

posted by dirtyrottenscoundrel at 11:29 AM on November 14, 2008

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