nov 20

Chinese Democracy on MySpace

Chinese Democracy is livestreaming on MySpace.


I've been wondering about what I could write today. I haven't really been up to much, but a few weeks ago I ordered some Rogaine, 'cause you know, I'm losing it. Anyway, I get the stuff and then research it and figure out how to use it after it arrives, natch. I will not benefit from this product because I am losing hair from the wrong part of my head. Who knew it mattered where it stopped growing? Maybe a receding hairline is sorta like antlers on a deer? The older you get the more skull/antlers you show to scare off potential mating threats. Turns out I am in luck though, 'cause I can eat better and get plenty of sleep. That will help my body produce more of the good stuff it needs to push out hair. I think that SSRI prescription will be filled again, soon.

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Hey, so I just made a piczo site and it looks so awesome but it seemed that something was missing. Than I realized I should add some music so my friend recommended a really cool It's so quick and easy,anyone could do it! In a matter of minuets I had made a account and uploaded the music onto my music player,not only that but You can also edit your music player to match your site colours! and if you don't want to upload your own music,you can search on other users playlists and take any songs you want! It works for piczo,myspace,facebook,bebo etc. check it out!

Myspace Playlist

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Not sure which album Chuck listened to. CD is AWFUL

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