nov 28

Hello, World

I've been more-or-less offline for a couple weeks. Here's everything that happened in my absence: Shaq joined Twitter, the Macy's Day Parade was rick-rolled, that tween fashion blogger turned out be real, Jarvis yelled at someone again, a super whale fail, Michiko railed against Gladwell, a whole issue of NYT Mag went to screens, SearchWiki, Hannity dumped Colmes, Arrested Development movie... again, and... yeah, not much.


love how you're on a first-name basis with Kakutani and not Gladwell.

posted by josh at 3:27 AM on November 28, 2008

Michiko Kakutani is an unhappy person: News at eleven.

posted by ? at 9:52 AM on November 28, 2008

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