nov 30

Hip-Hop Samples

Top 10 Samples in Hip-Hop History. Dude rips through The Isley Brothers / Ice Cube, Leon Haywood / Dr. Dre, Freddie Scott / Biz Markie, Herb Alpert / The Notorious B.I.G., Wild Sugar / Beastie Boys. [via]


Ack! That dancing! Great video otherwise. But christ on a candlestick that dancing is too much.

posted by Zac at 12:45 AM on December 1, 2008

Aw, I think it's an adorable video.

posted by Alexis at 1:20 PM on December 1, 2008

ahhh not a fan of this vid. better sample stories around.

posted by kurt p vincent at 11:16 AM on December 3, 2008

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