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What Passes For Documentary: Britney

Everyone's talking about the Britney doc on MTV last night: Choire, Rich, Tracie, Lindsay. [New album released tomorrow.]

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Hey there my name is Aj Pyatak. Just wanted to offer some info in case people were curious. This discussion originated on mishpucha. I was the post sound engineer on Britney For The Record and I just wanted to give some insight about the music that was used. The documentary may have been executive produced by Britneys managers, but they were quite hands off with music selection. It was all picked out by like minded people who thoroughly enjoy the independent side of music and appreciate the hard work of real musicians. We used a lot of cool tracks including stuff from Four Tet, Flashbulb, Darediablo, The Album Leaf, and M83. I also contributed a few tracks to the piece with my two bands, Favors and Friends and Gannon. The whole thing was a very INTERESTING experience. (now for the shameless self promotion...) Here's a link to my bands sites, Gannon is my solo project that I've been producing tracks for since 2000. The latest disc (which has the song from the Britney doc), "Oh Look, It's Morning Again" was just released a few days ago, engineered and mixed by me, mastered by Mark Chalecki.

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posted by Aj Pyatak at 3:19 PM on December 2, 2008

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