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Quality Show Fatigue

Sternbergh on Quality Show Fatigue: "Maybe the furor around shows like Mad Men is not the product of some rampant mass hysteria. Maybe it's the expression of a yearning for the last remnant of the traditional viewing experience we once shared. Long gone are the days when we would all sit down on Thursday at 10 to watch L.A. Law. So instead, to retain some sense of communal experience, we cling culturally to a single show. We don't want to admit we're splitting off in a million directions; we want to believe that all our eyes still occasionally turn in the same direction. (For the past year, the election campaign served this purpose -- the one great show we all tuned into.) So it doesn't even matter that not many people, relatively, are actually watching Mad Men. What matters is that everyone's talking about it."

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Hmm... is everyone talking about it, or is it his circle of friends, and a few entertainment writers that he reads?

For sure a few of the blogs I read regularly were bringing up Mad Men and some of the other shows I watch (30 Rock, True Blood, etc.), but I think what's happening is that I'm filtering my blogs the same way I filter my TV watching, and most of the people who don't watch those shows don't end up hearing too much about them either.

But in any case, it's nice to be watching and enjoying the same TV that smart people are writing on the internet about.

posted by alesh at 5:31 PM on December 1, 2008

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