dec 23

Discontinue This Trend

Worst trend of the year: not drinking.


I dont usually drink this much, but youre insufferable. I have a feeling I will be saying that a lot this Xmas...

posted by thedakotakid at 9:20 AM on December 24, 2008

fuck that noise, my NY rez is 2 drink moar

posted by Jason Sares at 2:00 PM on December 24, 2008

I don't drink much at all, but that's just because I don't like it...not because of some "resolution". :P

Angela from Aberdeen


posted by Angela at 5:12 AM on January 10, 2009

The doctor said it was good for me :)


posted by Alex Jeffreys at 6:01 PM on January 16, 2009

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