dec 26

More Lists

If you haven't looked through the list of lists yet, now might be a good time. I added a couple hundred more over x-mas, pushing it near 650 entries. Some of the best recent additions: College Humor's Best Pictures, Reality Blurred's Top Reality TV Whores, Get The Big Picture's Best Movie Posters, IGN's Best of 2008, Spin's 20 Best Songs, The Hypeful's 25 Best Cover Songs, I Love Typography's Favourite Typefaces, Adman's Top 10 Celebrity Ads, Magnet's Top 25 Albums, Mashable's 10 Most Memorable Twitter Moments, Videogum's 10 Worst People, Village Voice's The Year in NSFW Photos, The Onion's Your Favorite Band('s Merchandise) Sucks, New Yorker's Architecture's Ten Best, Slate's Best Books, and Roger Ebert's Best Foreign Films.

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