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Debut: United States of Tara

Watch Diablo Cody's new show: United States of Tara. It's not released until January 18, but you can watch the half-hour pilot at that link after entering "TARA" as the password. If you liked Juno, the dialog will sound familiar. [via]

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I don't mind the writing at all, but after watching the pilot I have three major problems.

First is the unsettling idea that the show is milking a serious and disruptive psychological disorder for slapstick effect. It doesn't offend me as much as it makes me feel unsettled to witness the havoc and the pain. A parallel is if Doctor House kept falling down the stairs. (I understand that this concept was not introduced by Ms. Cody, she's just the ongoing lead show writer)

Second, Toni Collette is a wonderful actress with some great work behind her, but her on-screen charm runs the gamut from repulsive to alluring. Even if that's the point of having her here, I'm not into it. I particularly don't want to see her imitating a truck driver. It makes me want to see what's on HBO.

Speaking of... my third problem is that it's on Showtime. A complete dealbreaker.

If neither of the above are deterrents, the show holds up pretty well otherwise.

posted by Brian Van at 12:40 PM on January 2, 2009

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