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A handful of worthwhile media/econ items from this week: Hirschorn's doomsday NYT scneario (dead by May?), Dumenco's valuation of HuffPo ($2 million, not $200 million?), Battelle's media/tech predictions (Yahoo & AOL merge?), Shafer's history lesson of newspapers (did they have it coming?), and Shirky's media forecast (on-demand publishing?).


I recently had a rough relationship with a friend.

Actually, I was punch-drunk in love with the guy. We were on the verge of
dating and did typical things like talking for hours on the phone, hanging
out together, flirting, and beyond.

Everything was going great, but no one was making the first move even though we had talked about dating. When he finally asked me out, I later found out that he already had a girlfriend and was playing me the whole time. As you can imagine, I was angry with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

Anyway, the next time we hung out I desperately wanted to ask if the rumors were true, but I never did. As the day went on, I kept thinking about all the lies this guy had told me and couldn't imagine how anyone could be so heartless. Well, he kept making fun of me about one thing or another and I finally snapped. At the time, I was holding a one pound block of Colby cheese and this guy wasn't quick enough to take cover. I had no intention of severely hurting him, but I've never seen someone go down that hard! I nailed him right in the kidney so it took him a few minutes to recover. I felt pretty bad afterwards, but he was feeling better the next day.

So now that the story is out of the way, I can ask you my question. Should I feel bad now that this guy has a giant bruise and will probably be peeing blood for the next month?

posted by ratman at 1:09 PM on January 7, 2009

I read this as an extended metaphor for the future of newspapers.

So, in that spirit, no.

posted by Michael Duff at 12:08 PM on January 11, 2009

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